“We are proud to be in partnership with Earth Life Media, a company that not only understands our vision and mission regarding the preservation of our environmental but also shares them. This was a very important part of selecting Earth Life Media to assist us with our social media marketing. Footprint magazine strives to educate as many people as possible on ways to rehabilitate the environment and ecosystems already damaged, and to respect those that are still untouched,” says Lindi Landman, editor ofFootprint magazine.
“We also showcase many talented individuals and companies that have created ground-breaking technologies, products and methods to preserve and conserve the environment. Our goal is to increase our readership and our advertisers. The more people we are able to reach, the more we are able to educate and inspire action that will save our beautiful Earth. With Judi Lopes at the helm we have no doubt that Earth Life Media will help us achieve, if not exceed these goals.” adds Landman.
For more information, visit footprintlim.com and earthlifemedia.co.za.